Why Community work?

If you are new to community work and considering making the transition from the acute sector, here are some of the benefits you can expect

Lifestyle and job satisfaction

Community work allows more flexible shift patterns. Shifts are typically shorter with breaks for travel in between each patient visit, giving you a valuable opportunity to get some fresh air and reflect. It offers variety too, with no two days the same and an opportunity to gain experience with a broad range of ages and conditions. Working in the community can also be a welcome respite from acute ward-based staffing shortages and infection risks.

Healthcare professionals that work in the community say they feel like they make a more direct and visible difference. Working with patients of all ages, families and the most vulnerable can give you a stronger feeling of giving back and working within your own community. There is an opportunity to build trust and lasting bonds with patients over months or sometimes years, getting to know their social needs and lifestyle factors. Community work is more preventative in nature and a large part of the role is to educate patients and families on how they can look after their own health and care needs.

Experience and skill development

Community work offers an opportunity to work with a wide range of patient types and ages and learn how to treat and manage a variety of conditions outside a formal healthcare setting.

Visiting patients in their homes requires a very different set of communication, professional and interpersonal skills. Health workers need to learn how to assess risks quickly, problem solve and make decisions on their own. Community practitioners can get much more involved in care decisions, informing care pathways with a much more detailed understanding of patients’ needs. Their role is also to educate, teaching patients and families how to look after their own health and care needs.

Following the pandemic, a much greater importance now lies on care away from hospital. As a result there are more opportunities than ever before to move into community work, and align your career with the future of healthcare.

If you are interested in transitioning to community work, please contact us and a member of our team will talk you through the steps involved to build your experience in this increasingly appealing sector.


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